Coaching for Pilates Instructors

Coaching for Pilates Instructors is a group class designed specifically to help individuals that teach Pilates integrate coaching techniques. You will build skills to communicate clearly and effectively with your clients, inspire them in their movement practice, and create change in their lives. You will learn to create an action plan, shift perspectives and respond to your clients from a centered place.

In the morning session, the focus is on clarifying where you are and building skills while working on your personal goals. What areas of your life are working? Which areas do you focus your energy on? Using exercises, you will explore your challenges, focus your energy and get into action. You will practice skills to help you ask powerful questions, listen deeply and set specific actionable goals.

In the afternoon the focus is on how you help your clients define, achieve and celebrate their successes. You will practice getting clear about where your client is, creating safe space and guiding your client to set specific, measurable goals. Through movement exercises, you will work on finding center and connecting with your clients from a centered place.

Create a satisfying relationship with your clients by communicate effectively, staying centered and inspiring your clients to achieve their dreams and goals. You will have more confidence when meeting new clients. Engaging with clients from a balanced, centered place will help you create a fulfilling practice without getting burnt out.

Skills you will be working on:

The class is offered as a one day class from 9:30- 5:30. For class schedules, contact Karisa.