The Coaching process

Coaching is a process of looking at where you are in life, where you would like to be, and building skills to close the gaps. All coaching sessions are personalized to focus on your needs, requests and desires. The process described below is a general outline of the sessions. As a professional coach, Karisa is committed to client privacy and confidentiality.

Coaching can be the most empowering relationship in your life. Why? Your coach may be the only person in your life that does not have an agenda. Coaching is about getting more of what you want out of life.

Foundation Session

Foundation session will help define the parameters of your coaching relationship with Karisa. This session aims to help her get to know you better by exploring your values, goals, vision of your future, strengths and challenges. You and Karisa will collaborate to identify areas of your life you would like to focus on and where to begin. This session lays a foundation for a coaching alliance and builds your relationship with your new coach.

A Foundation Session has 4 parts:
Prior to your foundation session, Karisa will provide a worksheet to help guide your conversation and explore the areas most important to you. You will also start to create a coaching alliance by defining how we work together, what accountability is and how it will work for you. This session clarifies areas in which you would like coaching and provides agreement on logistics. During the foundation session Karisa will introduce tools and techniques based on your specific needs and she will introduce coaching terms to help foster effective communication. Out of the foundation session you will get a clearer understanding of where your focus is, the skills that you want to work on, your commitment to creating change in your life and the first set of action items. Your success in coaching will be determined by your commitment to change. Karisa will be your advocate and guide in this process.

This session is typically 2 hours and can be done in-person or via phone. The foundation worksheet is provided to help guide our session and will require some prep work before we get started.


Weekly Sessions

Following the Foundation session, coaching typically proceeds with weekly 45 minute sessions. These sessions will: The agenda of each session will be up to you and we will plan how we use the time to maximize the value from your coaching time. By the end of the conversation you will have action items to follow up on before the next meeting or inquiries to reflect on to deepen your learning.

Real change takes time. Coaching with Karisa requires a three month initial commitment. While a lot can be accomplish during a single session, you have to allow yourself time to build new habits and see changes in your life. Most coaching relationships go beyond the initial commitment on a month-to-month basis. Change requires a commitment from you to yourself. The coaching relationship will enable you to define this change and foster the personal action required to achieve it.

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Why Coach with Karisa?

Because you will get the results you want in life. Karisa’s approach is predicated on a number of factors. First and foremost, is a commitment to live change. Clients that get the most out of working with Karisa are open to exploring intellectual practices, integrating mind-body movement and curious about possibilities.

Karisa partners with clients to foster balance, inspiration and momentum in their lives. She helps them tap into their potential and get into action toward realizing their path and purpose in life. Co-Active coaching is a process that creates accountability and helps people deliver results. To this, Karisa brings a clear, focused, intuitive approach.

A balance of calm, methodical focus and passionate energy powers Karisa’s coaching sessions. She will challenge you to clarify your vision and align your intentions, decisions and actions with your vision. Using a variety of tools, her coaching sessions balance internal exploration and inspired action. She creates a safe space allowing you to learn and practice new behavior patterns while encouraging you to stretch your boundaries. A unique tool kit enables Karisa’s to customize her approach for each client.

The Co-Active Coaching process guides clients to discover their values, learn fresh new ways to look at their situation and unlock their internal answers. Using these tools will resolve impediments, create flow and allow you to commit to making changes. Karisa incorporates Co-Active coaching practices, visualization, self-awareness, somatic intelligence and movement to tap clients’ greatest potential. Karisa’s passion is helping others to find their passion and purpose in life. When change feels difficult and unstable, she is there to support them. She helps them to see obstacles in the way and move them aside. Her approach balances learning with results.

For more information or to set up a complementary session, please contact Karisa.