Coaching is about getting more of what you want out of life. Klarity coaching helps you create momentum in your life by clarifying your vision, teaching you tools, and prioritizing actions. Karisa guides you in specific exercises to focus your energy, develop insights, organize your thoughts and move in the direction of your dreams.

Do you know what your next leap is? A new job? A more organized life? A healthier, happier daily routine? You engage coaching because you want more in your life. You may have a clear picture of what that change is. Or you may be realizing you need a change, and have no idea what it might be. If you clearly see your path forward, you are more likely to succeed.

We will start where you are. Together we will explore your current situation, articulate your values and develop a vision of your future. Using insightful questions and exercises to explore your possibilities, Karisa will encourage and guide you into inspired action. As your coach, Karisa accompanies you as you create an inspiring vision of your future and make decisions along the way. Clarifying your purpose, passion and path lights the fire inside you, motivating you toward your desired results.