Movement Sessions (In-person Sessions)

Movement sessions integrate release work (massage), body awareness and coaching. An inter-disciplinary approach helps Karisa look at issues from many perspectives and identify their source. She incorporates physical hands-on release and Pilates-based exercises to relieve symptoms and increase body awareness. Each session is unique and is designed to work on your specific issues.

Two examples of what sessions might look like:

Steve’s knee was sore from taking a long bike ride and he was concerned about his ability to workout with causing further injury. We started by evaluating what was going on with his knee by watching him walk to determine movement patterns and evaluating muscle tightness around the knee. I released the muscles in his knee using hand on therapy. I taught him exercise to help balance his muscles and engage his core. We also explored his awareness of when his knee began to hurt and the choices that he made to manage the pain. He saw that by increasing body awareness he could have made choices earlier in his bike ride and lessened the stress on his knee. We discussed how to make choices that were based on both short term and long terms goals.

Amy is a triathlete and had set goals to improve her time throughout the seasons. While she had no specific injuries, her back was often sore and achy. We started by evaluating her movement patterns and releasing areas of tension. To build awareness we created a program of exercises designed to make her more aware of specific areas such as when she was using her core in coordination with her back. We also looked at her approach to how she accomplished her goals. Getting connect to the long-term goals allowed goals of seasons of improvement coupled with the increase body awareness allowed her to make better choices and increased her satisfaction with her workouts as well as meeting her goals.

These sessions are always unique since they are tailored to your specific challenges and goals. Each session takes on a different form and format. The first session is 1.5 hours and allows time to define what you would like to focus on and discover where you are. Follow up sessions are 1 hr and target your specific areas.

The first session is $150 and 1.5 hrs. All follow up sessions are $100 and 1 hour. Packages are available for multiple sessions.

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