About Karisa Kenyon

Why I coach.

When I see the light come on in someone’s eyes, self-discovery has started the fire inside them, and I smile. When the fire gets them into action and their lives change, they smile.

I see peoples’ potential. I help them see their own possibilities.

I believe self-discoveries are necessary but not sufficient. Self-discoveries needs to and should be combine with action to create change that can transform your life. I have enjoyed success and endured personal struggles, each shaping who I am. Being coached focused my energy and clarified thoughts about relationships, career, health and money. My coaches stood beside me, told me the hard truth, supported me when I cried, encouraged me to find my way forward and move along my path. Today I am happier, healthier and more alive.

My practice is born of skills and techniques I bring and a lifetime of personal experience. I am naturally curious and consider myself a life-long learner. Throughout a sixteen year corporate technology career, I succeeded by working through diverse teams, managing constrained resource, and creating tailored solutions to unique business problems. As an athlete, I learned the necessity of integrating a focused, centered mind with a physically strong, agile body. Overcoming illness, managing chronic pain and healing myself taught me compassion, patience and perseverance. Relationship challenges, losing a home and career changes challenged my optimism and fueled my personal growth. I responded by getting to know myself better. My comfort today comes from having created holistic personal wellness amid a chaotic lifestyle.

Having traveled my path, and fully aware that I will always be an emerging work in progress, I find tremendous satisfaction is helping others navigate their personal journeys. I coach with gratitude for those who have helped me, empathy for those in the thicket, and optimism about who we might become.

Background and Experience

Karisa inspires clients to build self-awareness, look at the possibilities in their lives and get into action. She integrates coaching, bodywork and movement practices into coaching sessions.

Karisa is an accessible, affable human being. Her great gift is to concurrently meet you where you are and see where you are going. She is Midwestern by birth, Californian by inclination, and chooses to be a citizen of the world. She is committed to achieving success, both for herself and her clients. Karisa’s practice is predicated on her core beliefs:

Karisa brings a unique mix of experience and qualification to coaching. She has worked at technology companies as a consultant and project manager, traveled to more than 30 countries, and integrates mind-body practices into her coaching approach.

Practice Qualifications:
Life Experiences: